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When planning a caesarean birth, ultimately all the same rules apply as to any other birth. After all, birth is birth. Over my years of midwifery practice, I have picked up some hints and tips along the way from my experience in caring for mothers who have had a caesarean birth. These easy and simple hacks will help you to have your home ready, bags packed and mind at ease before you welcome your baby into the world.

1. Pack and organise essential items

Make a note of where essential items are packed in your hospital bag so another person can get them for you. Alternatively, pack these items in the side pockets or in a smaller bag within the main bag. Ask your birth partner to place them within easy reach of you before they return home to prevent you from having to reach and twist. 

2. Bring headphones for relaxation

Pop some headphones in your hospital bag. These will come in handy if you need something to distract you whilst you are waiting to go to theatre. These are also great during your postnatal recovery. Remember to research mindfulness apps beforehand and work out how to use them; you may turn to these if you need a little peaceful headspace whilst on the ward as these can be noisy and busy places. 

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