Canine Behaviour

Canine Behaviour


The science behind dog training and behaviour has made vast leaps over the years. We’re seeing a huge shift away from the old, outdated methods that were based on dominance theories and corrections, towards humane and positive methods of training. I have worked with a number of dogs whose behaviour problems were worsened by harsh trainers using punishment-based techniques and an incorrect understanding of body language and behaviour. It is very rewarding to work with these cases and help owners and their dogs blossom into a new happy relationship using evidence based, ethical behaviour modification and training.

Dogs are a domesticated species; their behaviour is very different to wild canines. Using wolf behaviour as a model for our pet dogs isn’t doing our them any favours! Understanding the natural behavioural needs and motivations of dogs is key in accurately diagnosing the root cause of any behaviour problem, the majority of which are caused by stress or fear.

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