We recently realised we needed a car seat upgrade when we spotted that our 4 year old, Rudy, was suddenly taller than the headrest of his toddler car seat. How did that happen? It feels like only yesterday that we transitioned him from his newborn seat!

With relatives and friends dotted all over the country, we go on lots of road trips as a family. Safety is obviously our number one priority for a car seat, but we also wanted something that was comfortable for Rudy on long journeys and wouldn’t need replacing after the next growth spurt.

Cue the CYBEX Solution G i-Fix High Back Booster, which ticks all the boxes in terms of safety and comfort and is suitable from 3 years (or 100cm) up to 12 years old – so no future upgrades needed for a while!

Why we love the CYBEX Solution G

1. A car seat with top safety features

It feels like a big step going from a toddler car seat to a booster seat, but the added safety features of the Solution G make the transition feel very reassuring.

When compared to a backless booster, a high back booster seat significantly reduces the risk of injury to a child because of its winged side protection.

In the event of a collision, the Solution G’s linear side-impact protection system can divert up to 20% of side impact forces away from your child and comes with an energy-absorbing shell to neutralise the force.

The seat also has shoulder belt routing which can be adjusted to your child’s size to ensure the correct seatbelt position at all times and further improve their comfort and safety when travelling.

2. No complaints when it comes to comfort

Car journeys with children can be stressful enough without them complaining about being uncomfortable. Rudy wasn't keen on being strapped into his toddler seat and would often complain that the straps were too tight after long periods of time in the car.

He absolutely loves the comfort of the Solution G and described himself as ‘a king on a throne’ when he first sank into the seat! The cushioning and fabric are very soft, with a plush look and feel you’d expect from a premium product.

The 3-point seatbelt harnessing allows him to feel less restricted in the high back booster compared with his toddler car seat, but the guided seatbelt routing gives me the peace of mind that the seatbelt is secure and in the right position at all times.

There’s also an in-built air ventilation system that directs heat away from the seat to help keep your little one cool. We’ll be grateful for this during long Summer road trips!

One of the best features of the Solution G is the reclining headrest with 3 adjustable positions, which prevents your child’s head from dropping forwards into a vulnerable position when they fall asleep.

There’s also a one-handed seat recline lever to allow you to adjust their sleeping position if they doze off. This can be done without removing the seatbelt so you’re able to switch between the two when on the move.

3. A car seat to grow with your child

Being a parent can be expensive, so it comes as a welcome relief to find a reliable product that really grows with your child - from 3 to 12 years old.

The headrest is height adjustable, with scope to see your child through their primary school years and beyond, and the flexible side wings allow plenty of room to accommodate their rapid growth spurts.

And, as the Solution G is likely to do plenty of mileage over the years, you’ll be pleased to know that the covers are machine washable too!

How to install the Cybex Solution G i-FIX High Back Booster

The Solution G comes in one piece, so no fiddly assembly is required. The car seat is equipped with an ISOFIX System which clicks directly into the ISOFOX anchorage points already in your car and makes installation really easy.


I didn’t know this was a feature of our car until I started looking for the anchorage points, handily marked with a small circular button labelled ‘ISOFIX’. Check the passenger seats in your car if you are unsure, although it can also be installed using the seatbelt alone if you don’t have the anchorage points.

The product manual is hidden inside a compartment under the backrest (which would have been tricky to find had I not watched an installation video online) and it details everything you need to know about finding the correct headrest position and how to secure your child in the seat itself.

Click here to check if your car is compatible, and if so, in which seats the Solution G can be installed.

The Verdict:

The Solution G ticks all the boxes for us and gets road-tested approval from Rudy and me. I love the enhanced safety features, easy installation and value for money, especially considering it will last us such a long time.

Rudy loves feeling like royalty when sitting back in the comfy padding but the absolute cherry on the cake for him was that it is red -  his favourite colour!

Product Specifications:

  • UN R129/03
  • Height: 100 cm - 150 cm
  • Weight: From approx. 15 kg up to 50 kg
  • Age: From approx 3 up to 12 years

The chief car seat tester for this review is 4 years old, 102cm and weighs 16kg. The vehicle is a Renault Captur.

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