During this session, parents will gain a greater understanding of child anger management and how this influences themselves and their child. Anger is often perceived as a negative emotion and we learn from a young age that it’s something to hide or feel shameful about. However, anger is a natural human response and just like any other emotion, it’s acting as a messenger, trying to protect something that’s important to us.

In this workshop, parents will have the opportunity to explore their triggers, calm emotional outbursts and help their children understand what’s hiding behind their anger masks. They will also discover how to meet their child where they’re at, knowing what to say and do in moments when emotions run high so that they’re able to work through these uncomfortable feelings in a more resourceful way.


The intention behind these workshops/sessions is to support parents to:

  • Increase their self-awareness so that they’re better able to support themselves and their child as they navigate their emotions, being able to respond from a more resourceful space.
  • Develop deeper and more meaningful connections with their child
  • Embrace change and challenges, preparing their children for the next steps in their development.
  • Apply and develop positive habits when navigating their emotions and supporting their emotional wellbeing as well as that of their child.

These workshops are designed to help parents achieve a firm foundation and an ever-present toolkit to help them navigate the challenges, setbacks and transitions of everyday life with more calm, ease and confidence. The suggested sessions will also allow parents to gain a deeper awareness regarding their own emotions as well as that of their child, developing a greater understanding of what is going on for them and how they can best support their child when emotions run high. They will discover what to say and do when things feel overwhelming, allowing them to stay present and in a space of calm – meaning fewer misunderstandings and more harmonious family connections too.

About Natalie Costa

Natalie Costa is an award-winning coach, speaker, author and founder of Power Thoughts – a coaching service designed to give children ‘power’ over their own thoughts! Through her private practice and workshops, Natalie has helped 10 thousand children and families worldwide discover the tools to help them feel calmer, happier and more empowered!

With a background in psychology and having spent 12 years within the educational sector as well as becoming an accredited Performance Coach, Power Thoughts was born. It blends her past experience and deep understanding of children and their needs, now providing them with the tools to cope and thrive in the modern world.

Natalie has been featured in the national press and TV, such as Stella Magazine, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, ITV News, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and is one Super Tutors for BBC Bitesize – known as the ‘Child Whisperer!’ She is also the co-author of four activity books for children, ‘Know your feelings,’ ‘Find your Power,’ and ‘Stretch your Confidence!’ and “Love being You!” Her intention is to help children and parents thrive, developing long-lasting habits that support their emotional wellbeing and nurture those deeper connections too.

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