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Colic 101: How Can I Help My Baby? 

You’ve patiently waited months to meet your precious bundle of joy. Like most parents of a  newborn you spend the first few months in a daze of sleep deprivation and pure love. However, it  becomes apparent to you that your baby is crying a lot, more than you were expecting, and you’re  unsure why or what to do to help them. You may be feeling worried, confused, exhausted, scared  and over whelmed by your little one’s crying. Google tells you that your baby may be suffering  from colic but with colic still not fully understood you may be confused where to start with helping  your baby. This guide aims to simplify the underlying causes of colic and give practical advice as  to where parents should begin resolving colic symptoms. 

What Is Colic? 

Infantile colic was defined first in 1954 by Paediatrician Dr Morris Wessel using the rule of three Inconsolable fussing/crying which occurs for more than three hours each day, for more than three  days per week, for at least three weeks, with colic symptoms often worsening in the evening.  However, more recently a new definition was proposed. The definition now given by the Rome III  criteria describes colic as “an infant who is less than five months of age when symptoms start and  stop; recurrent and prolonged periods of infant crying, fussing or irritability reported by caregivers  that occur without any obvious cause and cannot be prevented or resolved by caregivers; no  evidence of infant failure to thrive, fever or illness.” 

Although these definitions differ slightly, both have the common theme of prolonged periods of  crying which are not easily resolved, leaving parents feeling extremely helpless. As well as an  inconsolable high pitched crying, colic is often accompanied by a flushed red face, pulling up the  legs towards the chest, clenched fists and a bloated swollen stomach. 

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