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Hi my name’s Nicole Chapman, I’m a personal trainer online coach and pre and postnatal specialist. Here are my top tips for managing your physical or mental wellbeing through motherhood.

So a lot of moms come to me and as a mother, myself, mum, guilt will get us all. Okay?

You are not alone in that and it’s because we care. We care that we’re spinning all these plates. You may work in, you may be at home with your little ones. It doesn’t matter. Both days are equally as hectic.

But what you’ve got to realize is you can’t pour from an empty cup. By you finding what it is, and that may be exercise. It may be meditation. It may be going for a long walk.

What is going to recharge to make you deal with those stressful situations that are challenging moments in the day, which we all face. That frustration, where you just need to take that moment just to breathe in deep, reconnect, to be able to attack and challenge that situation. So by taking those 10 minutes, taking the half an hour, taking the 45 minutes for you is only going to benefit your family.

If you all feeling not yourself, if you’re feeling like you’ve lost a bit of yourself through motherhood, then reconnecting, write down what it is that really ignites that fire.

What was it? Pre pregnancy that was your go-to that got you going recharged your energy that worked on your mind, write it down and then discuss with your partner or your family members, how you can infiltrate that into your week, because it’s so important because if you’re running on empty, you’re not going to deal with those situations in the best way.

So don’t think of it as mom guilt, we all get it. Think about how can I recharge my cup to help my family better. And I promise a happy mom is a happy family.