Most women haven’t been taught the sacredness, power and wisdom of their menstrual cycle from a young age. Instead, for many, our monthly bleed is experienced as shameful, embarrassing and painful. Something to ignore or dread each month, leaving us detached from our own internal compass.Everything in nature is cyclic, and menstruation is a mirror of this. It’s our own personal creativity cycle. Just like a plant flowers, then fruits, bears its seed, sheds and then flowers again. We thrive when we align with nature, it holds the blueprint for ensuring we get all of our needs met in a way that is sustainable. Our ancestors connected to the natural cycles, which meant that they could create lives that were truly fertile.By observing the lesson of each stage of the seasonal, lunar and solar wheels, you can recognise the ebb and flow of the natural cycles and learn to harness the energy of each phase. It’s a holistic approach that will help you work with your body rather than against it, enabling you to live a deeply aligned life. You will also experience a far greater acceptance and appreciation of your body, menstrual cycle and feminine nature and be able to tap into a deep well of inner wisdom.When women used to commune together in tribes, without light pollution, their periods would be in sync and each month they would gather in the ‘red tent’ together to bleed. They would do rituals, share wisdom down the generations and listen to their inner voice to receive messages and guidance for themselves and their tribe. We have lost this tradition today and women are expected to just carry on as usual during their bleeding time.

Some of benefits menstrual cycle awareness are:

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