In today’s world, people are living and working for longer. Career development has changed from career ladders and jobs for life to changing career paths and moving fluidly between roles and industries.

The ability to take control of your career is key to ensuring you are moving in a direction that motivates you, fulfills you and provides you with the growth and happiness you are looking for in your career and life.

How to take control of your career

This workshop is open to all employees.

  • Helping them understand what they’re passionate about when it comes to work, their values and what drives them.
  • Build their awareness of their strengths and how to play to these more.
  • How to grow their network and benefit from the support this can provide, but also the opportunities it can bring.
  • How to approach their career with continuous curiosity for learning and seeking new opportunities.

How the workshop is delivered:

  • Two hours, online or in-person workshop.
  • Tools and techniques to empower them to take control of their own career.
  • Provides invaluable conversation and connection between employees in the business.
  • Follow-up PDF, including a summary of the tools and techniques shared.
  • This workshop would be for up to a total of 15 employees.

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