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By Nicky Goldstone of Designs by Day Interiors

As a mum of 2 I can honestly say that sleep in the first year of your child’s life is like gold. My first child Anna was an absolute nightmare when it came to sleep. She never slept through until 1 and a half years old and oh how I wish I had reached out to the experts then to share their knowledge of how to get my baby to sleep through. It would have saved me many a sleepless night.

Starting a new day wrecked from the night before due to broken sleep is not the best way to be a fun and energetic mum with a smile on your face. Coffee is a must in the first year of your baby’s life, however I would love to share some tips of how you can create a calming environment for your baby to aid in positive sleep for your little ones. I am no sleep expert (we will leave all of those tips to The Daddy Sleep Consultant) but as an Interior designer and mum of 2 I would love to share a few tips for you to incorporate into your baby’s nursery to hopefully aid in getting you closer to that full night’s rest.

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