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Digital Health Interventions, specifically post pandemic, have been promoted as one way to respond to increasing mental health need in children and young people. Mental health apps can be one way to respond to early mental health distress or used alongside more traditional treatments. Whilst there are many mental health apps, only around one third have an evidence base and have been evaluated for effectiveness. I have created four apps to help support young people’s mental health. They are not a substitute for diagnosis and intervention of a mental health professional but can be helpful in managing symptoms immediately. All the apps have a sound evidence base and use validated psychological models of intervention, have been co-collaboratively produced, are completely anonymous so no personally identifiable data is collected, have analytics that provide data on effectiveness and are built to NHS standards. 

  • Calm Harm, which has been available for around three and a half years has over 1.5 million downloads across the world and can be used to manage self-harm urges.


  • Clear Fear has been available for about two year and a half years’ and has around half a million downloads from across the world. It helps manage symptoms of anxiety.


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