Bundle Beds exist to give you the best night’s sleep anywhere so you can make the most of life everywhere.
The next step on from a travel cot, Bundle Beds are a fully-integrated travel bed. They include a deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, a luxury duvet and pillow with ultra-cosy cotton sheets and the option of bumpers to stop your little ones spilling onto the floor in the night, all rolled into one easy to carry bundle.

Bundle Beds is run by a brother and sister duo, Lucy and Rob.

We both love travelling, camping, having friends and family round to stay and we are huge advocates of the fact that jam packed days, need a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Since becoming parents, sleep has become an even more precious commodity but we refuse to believe that sleep and adventure can’t be happy bedfellows. Frustrated that portable beds were either uncomfortable or too bulky, involved a hunt for spare bedding and took ages to set up, we set out to change this by creating the Bundle Bed.

The Bundle Bed is for kids or adults. Our Tot-2-Ten beds are an ideal next step on from a travel cot, and our Classic beds make an easier alternative to a z bed, airbed or roll out mat. For the years that Bundle Beds have been in our lives they really have served our growing family so well. From traveling the world and family camping adventures, to sleepovers at Grandma’s, sleep is never compromised.

The saying “have baby, will travel” seemed an easy statement to make before having kids, but the concept soon became a reality, and we realised that being prepared and having the right bits and bobs with you made all of the difference. Bundle Beds have everything that you need for a brilliant night’s sleep in one bundle – yes, it’s ALL included. A deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, a luxury duvet and pillow with ultra-cosy cotton sheets and we even have the option of bumpers to stop your little ones spilling onto the floor in the night.

Bundle Beds was founded on the principle of less stuff and more adventures (aided by more sleep!) and we’ve stuck like barnacles to our commitment to making honestly crafted, practical and sustainable products that enable people to make the most of their time on this planet. Our mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, the filling for our super-soft duvets and pillows is made from recycled plastic bottles and our metal buckles are tested to a tensile strength of 1.5 tonnes to help our beds fill years and years of adventure rather than landfill. We want to make sure that we do our bit to look after the planet for future generations and our sustainability promise is one we take really seriously.

With Bundle Beds you can banish sleepless camping trips, fit the whole family in without the need for spare rooms, put the sleep back into sleepovers and provide the perfect charging cradle for the family whatever adventures lie ahead.

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If you are travelling with children, you can bundle your Bundle Beds onto the plane for FREE!

We’ve checked with the main flight providers* including EasyJet, Jet2, Ryan Air and your Bundle Beds are included within the free items you are allowed to check-in for children up to the age of 15. Our Toddler, Junior and Classic Beds all fit within the ‘travel cot’ category for these airlines so you can check them in for free.

We’ve done our homework and taken flights with these companies to check that the theory works in practice but if in doubt, make sure you check directly with your airline too. We have our travel bags that are a perfect add-on for anyone wanting to fly with them and add a bit of extra protection.

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