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Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup so carve out time for yourself whenever you can. 

The importance of carving time out for yourself

When you become a parent it often feels easier to put your own needs to one side. In the first few months this is normal, you might feel overwhelmed because everything feels new and unfamiliar. However as time moves on it’s important that you carve out some time for yourself. Many new mums feel a strong loss of identity when they have a child. Perhaps they had busy jobs, or were re-training or had bonkers social lives and all of these things helped shape who they were. A lot of these things are cast to one side and whilst parenting is full of joy, it’s also draining and there’s a need to ensure that you don’t drop everything and become a slave to parenting (this will leave you feeling resentful). 

Here’s 4 tips on how to carve out time for yourself so you can reset and recharge your batteries:

A hot bath with essential oils

This is often the go-to for many mums and for good reason. Essential oils (used in a base oil) work well at unwinding body and mind. If you’re sleep deprived (let’s face it parents often are), then there are blends that can help lift your mood and make you feel more invigorated. 


There are so many great podcasts that target parents and listening to an interesting debate or some comedy can lift your mood. At Bubble we have our own podcast – The Bubble Book Club which profiles different writers who are parents – we’ve had guests such as Helen Thorn, Ellie Taylor and Clover Stroud and you can hear the reality of parenting (and hopefully laugh at how challenging it can feel at times). It also might inspire you to start your own book club too. 

A walk

A walk on your own – even if it’s just 20 minutes can really help re-set your brain and make you feel clearer and more optimistic. It feels counterintuitive but exercise is helpful when you are tired or your brain is working overtime. If you can walk in nature the benefits are even stronger. 

A date night

Sometimes date nights get a bad wrap because they’ve become a cliche (and not everyone has the stamina to go out in the early days of parenting) but time away from the home together is great for helping you be less of a ‘parenting team’ and re-discovering who you are as a couple. 

Listen to our podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/3-get-divorced-be-happy-with-helen-thorn/id1576333092?i=1000532115494


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