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Supporting our children to thrive, grow and discover more this summer.

By Cary-Anne, Education Expert at Explore Learning

Time to reflect and celebrate together 

As we approach the end of another academic year, it is natural to reflect on how we have all experienced growth and development during the pandemic.  

Pre-covid there were many tests in place to measure children’s progress, and to have continued to expect the same of our children throughout the pandemic would have been unfair. We reset our expectations, and in many cases have exceeded them! We have achieved so much during this time of challenge in order to become the wonderful people that we are today. Parents, carers and children should be congratulated on everything they have achieved over the past sixteen months. 

I have been reflecting on how much my children, and all children, have achieved through 2020 and 2021. Throughout the pandemic, children and adults have adapted, learnt new skills and overcome challenges together. We should feel proud of everything we have accomplished, and should celebrate these successes together, as we look forward to a bright and positive future.  

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