One the first question your friends and family ask when they come to visit when they are little is ‘do they sleep well?’…and lets face it, when you have gone from sleeping 8 hours interrupted over night to waking every 2-3 hours to feed and wind a little person your immediate answer is likely to be ‘no’!

You will have at some point Googled ‘how to make my child sleep’ or ‘causes for early morning waking’ ‘when do I drop the morning nap’ and what you’ll find is lots of amazing advice, studies, opinions, then throw in to the mix, suggestions from well meaning friends and you often end up feeling more confused and less sure of what approach you should take and how to change or improve things. 

One thing that is so important when helping your child to sleep is providing them with an age appropriate feeding and sleep schedule but also being super consistent with your pre-bed ritual and settling approach.

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