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If your child suffers from eczema, then you probably know how uncomfortable and irritating it is for them. Some kids are real troopers and take the itch and skincare routine on board, where others don’t cope that well and are often quite irritable and tetchy.

The itchy burning skin can often disrupt sleep and eczema is known to affect focus and mood in some children. Eczema doesn’t look very pleasant either, which is not good for self-esteem; and sometimes you can’t even cover it up as clothing can irritate it further. This is all hard work for the parent too and sometimes it’s an uphill battle keeping the itch at bay and skin well moisturised.

You are never alone, as it is thought that eczema affects one in five children worldwide and one in three children in developing countries. It can be a life-long condition that many people need to manage every single day and for other people it waxes and wanes over their lifetime.

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