The (almost) eternal debate on what came first, has persisted through decades. Countless evenings have been spent around a table, with a wine glass (or plenty more), with people throwing arguments against or in favour of one of the answers. Despite all thoughts, in reality, the answer is fairly simple. The first animals to lay eggs were the dinosaurs.

A discovery made in 1990 in North America, showed a nest of eggs from a carnivore dinosaur called “Maniraptoran”. This dinosaur is believed to be the animal from which birds came to develop into new species. Some suggest the new question: What came first, the dinosaur or the egg? But we will leave that one for another time…

Egg allergy

When it comes to allergies in children, and due to the nature of baby’s weaning, egg sits almost at par with cow’s milk as being the most prevalent form of allergy. This is closely followed by a peanut allergy.

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