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The online Egg freezing e-course

Egg freezing has been available for years and was initially introduced for fertility preservation purposes, for example before a cancer treatment. In recent years, it has become more common among those who want to have children in the future but aren’t ready yet, like an insurance policy. In the past year we’ve seen a large increase in egg freezing cycles and in people seeking information and support regarding egg freezing. That’s why I’ve created this affordable 20 minute course, to make things easy for you!

In the course you’ll learn the following:

  • How to select an IVF clinic
  • What to expect from the first consultation
  • The hormone stimulation
  • The egg collection procedure
  • What happens in the laboratory
  • How your eggs are frozen and stored
  • Risks involved with egg freezing

If you’re looking for more information to feel informed and prepared before an egg freezing cycle, then this is the course for you!