Buying newborn baby clothes is one of the best pleasures of nearing the end of your pregnancy. But before you get carried away, when you possibly don’t know your romper from your babygrow, we’re here with a comprehensive guide to the essentials you need with newborn clothes. Read on to discover what you need and information about the relevant sizes to choose. There are some fundamental things to remember when it comes to newborn clothing essentials. Shopping for baby’s wardrobe is nothing like shopping for yourself, or even an older child. Newborns often need complete outfit changes.  With milky spit up and nappy disasters, you almost certainly need more changes than you think you do! Newborn baby clothes need to be easy to wash, easy to change, and comfy for your little one. Think layers: dress your little one in one more layers than you are wearing.

Baby clothing essentials

Some items you need, and some are nice to have but not necessary. You will need sleepsuits (babygrows), bodysuits (vests) and cardigans. In addition, scratch mitts, socks, hats and coats might be deemed essentials. If you’re a first time parent, the above sentence may be bewildering. Here we outline what each item is, why it’s needed and how many you’re likely to need.
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