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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bloss?

Bloss is a one-stop-shop of user rated, professional experts who parents, parents-to-be and care givers can easily discover and interact with to help navigate their entire parenting journey from trying to conceive to parenting teenagers, the home of parenthood experts.

Bloss is not a place to get medical treatment, emergency or otherwise. Speak to your doctor or call your local emergency hotline to get medical treatment.

You cannot get prescriptions, referrals or diagnosis through Bloss. Our bloss experts are here to provide generalised information not individual treatment or assessment.


Why should I use bloss?

Tired of wasting hours of time Googling information about your parenthood journey, often not finding what you’re looking for or sifting through conflicting, outdated, anecdotal and incorrect advice from other mums, rather than qualified experts??? Then bloss is for you, we have interactive user rated experts across the entire parenting space, resulting in more stress and frustration

Can I use bloss anywhere in the world?
Yes, bloss is borderless and enables you to search and discover any relevant expert, regardless of where you live! City, country etc.
Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Our experts and users – the community – are the pulse of bloss. The following guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of bloss, whether you’re interacting with each other or members of our team. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in strikes recorded to your bloss account, removal of content, or account deletion.

There’s a real person behind each user and expert profile and support email. Bloss is not a venue for you to harass, abuse, bully, or intimidate others. Do not use public community spaces such as our chat forum to dispute transactions, provide site-related feedback, or report technical issues. Instead, contact our Support team at [email protected] for assistance with these issues, and we’ll help you out right away.

The following is prohibited in any area of the site:

Harassment, Hate Speech, and Explicit or Illegal Content

  • Uploading content that is inappropriate, offensive, hateful, contains objectionable language, or that promotes stereotypes of individuals or groups based on race, gender, religion, age, nationality, political affiliation or sexual orientation
  • Uploading explicit or violent content
  • Uploading content that makes reference to weapons, as well as activities that can be considered dangerous or that have the potential to lead to physical harm
  • Promoting an illegal activity
  • Posting disrespectfully or repetitively in class discussions, project or comments, reviews, groups, workshops, project comments or on teach challenge pages

Privacy & Ownership

  • Revealing personal or identifying information about another user
  • Downloading classes from bloss and posting them elsewhere
  • Uploading content that you did not create

Fraudulent Activity

  • Uploading content that promotes dubious business schemes or promises a specific outcome to our users
  • Impersonating an expert
  • Engaging in fraudulent or misleading expert, shop or content review activity (including but not limited to: using multiple identities, email addresses or bloss accounts, providing false or misleading information, or attempting to “game” the trending algorithm)


If the goal of your content or community participation is to gain engagement outside of bloss, it is likely not aligned with the spirit of the platform. The following Guidelines apply to all users on all areas of the site:

  • Any untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive content posted to community spaces (chat forums, comments, shop) may be removed.
  • If you are an expert, self-promotion (ex: mentioning other websites you teach on, mentioning your own website, asking for followers or subscribers on other platforms), should be limited to the intro and outro videos of your class only, unless you have gained approval from bloss directly
  • Using your profile or any community space primarily as a proxy to other websites, services, or competitors is not tolerated


Reporting a violation

bloss has a team of moderators that reviews the site daily for any violations but we also rely on our community to help keep the platform safe. 

How to Report an Expert

Experts can be reported by any bloss member using the “Report” button to the top right of the expert’s profile. While bloss takes into account the frequency of reports in a particular class or pertaining to a specific teacher, all courses are comprehensively reviewed by our team before any action is taken. Reporting a class does not guarantee that it will be hidden, only that it will be reviewed for policy violations by our team of moderators.

This feature should not be used to dispute transactions, provide site-related feedback, or report technical issues. For these issues, please email us at [email protected].

How to report a piece of content, review, discussion, or comment

To report policy violations outside of an expert profile, please write to [email protected] with a link or screenshot of the content in question and where you came across it.

Insert chat forum* 

How does the strike system work?

Bloss has a three-strike system for violations of our Community Guidelines. Our moderation team carefully reviews content uploaded to all areas of the site. If a violation is found, it is recorded internally on the expert or user’s profile. After a bloss expert or user receives 3 strikes, our Moderators reviews the total account history of the user and the timeline in which the strikes occurred.  

Strikes are rolled back on a 6-month basis, meaning that in order to have your account closed for a violation of our Guidelines, all 3 strikes must have been issued within a 6-month period.

If an expert is having their content removed due to content violations, the expert’s content will not be accessible to users. Experts who’ve had all of their content removed may still use sign in to their accounts as a user and use bloss, discussions and the shop. However, if the strikes were recorded due to violations of the Community Guidelines, these privileges may be revoked.  

In cases of impersonation, illegal or fraudulent activity, users may have all of their content or entire profiles removed without any strikes being issued.

Bloss app

Exciting times, our app is launching mid June 2022! bloss can currently only be accessed via web and mobile web in the meantime.

Pricing & Payment
How much does it cost to sign up?

Bloss is a freemium model. It’s completely free to sign up and access our experts, their services and some of their resources.

If you wish to access The Clinic (a forum where you can get unlimited advice at no extra cost, just ask a question and be matched with any of our experts) then you must subscribe as a premium member.

Premium membership is £9.99 per month or £95.99 per annum.

What do I pay for?

Your expert sets their own prices for in-person bookings, video calls, asking advice and any premium content – these will be clearly presented to you before you begin.

Your credit card on file will automatically be billed upon booking. We accept all major credit cards.

If you subscribe as a premium member for £9.99 you will get access to The Clinic, brand discounts, premium videos, premium assets.

How do I edit my bloss account?

To access your account, click on the head and shoulders icon at the top right of your screen, and select “My Profile.” Once there you can edit your password, username, avatar. 

How do I view my favourites?

To access your favourites, click on the head and shoulders icon at the top right of your screen, and select “My Favourites.” Once there you can view every content, expert, shop you have ever favourited.

How do I view my premium content downloads?

To access your premium content downloads, click on the head and shoulders icon at the top right of your screen, and select “Downloads.” Once there you can view all your content downloads.

How do I view my shop orders?

To access your previous order history, click on the head and shoulders icon at the top right of your screen, and select “Orders.” Once there you can view all your previous roders

How do I rate and review my expert?

Providing expert reviews is a great way to support the experts you love and help other users find high-quality experts on bloss!

To leave a review on an expert page or a piece of content, head to the ‘Leave a Review’ box at the bottom of the page and leave a star rating with a comment, then press ‘Post comment’ to save it.

Need bloss concierge to give you a more tailored solution?

We realise that sometimes parents don’t know what they’re looking for or what kind of experts they need.

If this is you, we’re happy to help recommend experts in the areas that you need advice with.

Please email us direct [email protected] and we will come back to you with a curated list of our top experts!

How much does it cost to sign up?

We’re completely free to sign up!

Is there a platform fee?

There is a 20% bloss platform fee for any transactions that happen on bloss. Experts keep 80% of all transactions whether in-person booking, video call, advice, premium content, products sold

How do I become a bloss expert?

Due to the sensitive nature of advice being offered to families and children, you do need to be a qualified expert in your field. We have an internal approval process whereby we manually vet your qualifications, profile and hold a video call with you.

To apply, all you need to register your interest here and a member of our team will get back to you within 72 hours!

Where do I see my reviews and ratings?

You can locate all of your reviews at the bottom of your expert profile but also at the bottom of every content or product in the shop.

In addition, you’ll receive an email each time a user posts a new review on your profile, piece of content or product in the shop.

Where do you source your experts?

All our experts are personally recommended or hand-picked

How are your experts vetted?

We run due diligence checks on all our experts before on-boarding them. This includes:

  • Checks on their websites and social links
  • Manually checking their qualification certificates
  • Manually checking their insurance documents
  • One to one video call to meet them personally

We ensure all uploaded content meets our internal criteria, no expert can post anything unless we have vetted and manually approved first

Contact Us
How do I refer an expert?

We want to build a close knit, trustworthy platforms of experts so always on the look out for personal recommendations.


Please email any recommendations (name, website details) to [email protected]

Share your feedback

We value our community members’ ideas and reflections and we take them into account regularly, as we continue to grow and improve bloss.

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected] for any suggestions, complaints, requests, or feedback you may have.

Help me!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ guide? Please email us at [email protected] and a member of the team will get back to you ASAP.

Want to find out more about bloss, the home of parenthood experts? Then check out our FAQs for some much needed help and support