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FAQ’s – Bloss Experts

How do you become an expert on Bloss? 

Our expert application form can be found here – https://blossapp.com/expert-registration/

In the first instance, please complete this as comprehensively as possible (please have your qualification and insurance certifications to hand to upload copies). We require 2+ years professional experience as a minimum and go through a two step verification process, firstly this online application followed by a face to face video interview. 


What is the criteria to become an expert on Bloss?

We require 2+ years professional experience as a minimum and go through a two step verification process, firstly an online application followed by a face to face video interview. We work with experts in a huge variety of sectors, so it also depends a little on your profession and what you are able to bring to the platform. 


How do you vet your experts?

We go through a comprehensive two stage verification process which consists of an online application and interview. We require copies of all qualification certificates, for you to be fully insured and for this to be kept up to date. We ask for proof that you are a member of a professional body or register if this is applicable to your profession. 

  • Face to face interview
  • Due diligence – google, website, socials
  • Experienced practitioners, minimum 2+ years
  • Registered with relevant professional body or register
  • Fully indemnified for practice
  • Completed a specific course in your area
  • Proof of continued professional development


Do experts have to pay to be on Bloss?

We have two options available for experts joining bloss, the differences of each are outlined in the table below. If you are able to submit monthly content to Bloss, we have a no up-front fee option available which works on a 20% commission basis for any services or products sold on the platform. If you are time poor but wish to be featured on the site, we have a paid listings alternative, with two tiers.

Feature 20% Commission Paid Listing – Silver Paid Listing – Gold
Cost to be featured on Bloss FREE £200+VAT pa £500+VAT pa
Cost to sell products and services 20% Commission 20% Commission 20% Commission
Content Submission Requirement 1 x content piece per month (6 x per annum must be exclusive content pieces) Optional / Not Required Optional / Not Required
Promotion from bloss across social media channels Yes – ad hoc Bloss homepage feature for 7 days upon launch Bloss homepage feature for 14 days upon launch / 1 x stories feature across instagram and facebook (3 slides) per quarter / 1 grid post per annum (content linked) / Linkedin coverage if your offering is tailored towards B2B.
Premium’ Content Submission for Bloss subscribers only. Must not be available elsewhere for free One submission upon joining Bloss (From Apr 2022) One submission upon joining Bloss (From Apr 2022) One submission upon joining Bloss (From Apr 2022)
Bloss portal / Login access Yes Yes Yes
Free access to Bloss Premium subscription Yes Yes Yes
Links to website / social media channels Yes Yes Yes


What sort of content do I need to add to my page?

Your content is your shop window on Bloss, and as such, this dictates the type of content you put together for your page. We recommend having a variety of content which can include articles, video content, audio or podcasts. We suggest showcasing your services in the format that best represents them, for instance, if you utilise equipment as part of your professional service (EG. Play resources to encourage child development) then video content may be a great way to demonstrate this. Equally, if your subject matter is of a sensitive nature, for instance fertility treatment, an article might allow users to read and digest more in depth information and advice. 

The better your profile with good quality articles and videos, the more discoverable you are, the higher engagement = more clients


How often do you expect contributions?

If you are part of Bloss on our 20% commission model, we require one content submission per month. 6 of these per year must be exclusive content to Bloss. The reason we work on this basis, is that we require fresh, engaging content to be able to market your products and services to our wider community, influencer networks and for external PR opportunities. 

If you opt for a paid listing, content is not a requirement, however we recommend that you still have some content on your page if you are able to, in order to best optimise and showcase your service. Try before you buy is proven to convert into more sales. 

All content contributes towards strong SEO and means you will be easily discoverable on the platform. 


Is there a penalty if I do not submit content on time?

No, however we will send you monthly reminders and if you do not submit content for two months running, unless there is a valid reason for this, we will request you move to a paid listing, or unfortunately remove your profile from the bloss platform.


What can I sell on Bloss?

Bloss can host numerous products and services including:

– 1-1 Consultations
– Group Consultations
– Both online and in person services
– Workshops
– Webinars
– Events
– Downloadable resources such as E-books or guides

– Affiliate links to your own products eg books


How do I get featured on your social media?

We run regular social media campaigns on behalf of experts, based around a themed week or national holiday. We require great content or products to sit alongside any social media feature as a ‘Read more’ for our users which will then drive them towards your page. 

We send out regular expert newsletters and whatsapp broadcasts which detail the upcoming themes, so do reach out if you have any relevant content that fits well and we will do our best to include you. We will also occasionally reach out to you to discuss specific features we are running. 

If you would like to be featured then please make sure you proactively request with one of the expert team. We will do our best to fit you into our content calendar.


Who do I contact if I need help?

The Bloss Expert team is on hand to assist with any queries you may have or support you need. Please contact us via email or phone:

Email: [email protected]
Phone / Whatsapp: +44 7494 927 299


We also have a weekly online ‘Drop In’ session on Tuesday Afternoons between 12.30pm – 2.30pm. If you’d like to book a slot please pop in your 10 minute session here:


We aim to resolve any client related concerns as quickly as possible. If the nature of your enquiry is urgent, please contact us via phone in the first instance. 


Do parents / users have to pay to view my page or content?

We have two user tiers available on Bloss. Freemium and Premium membership. Freemium is for all parents, parents-to-be and caregivers. Your profiles and free resources are free to access by anyone once a user has signed up (for free). We will always offer this free tier in order to be as accessible as possible to those who need us. 

The second is our subscription – whereby users pay £9.99 per month to access exclusive content and advice via Bloss with unlimited, free access to ‘The Clinic’ our expert led forum where any questions can be asked and answered by you, our qualified professionals. 

Your profile is visible to absolutely everyone but your content will be tailored accordingly (as per your wishes), not all being available to freemium members. Some products and services will be free for premium subscribers, but will need to be purchased by freemium members. 


How many bookings am I likely to get / products to sell?

This is difficult to quantify as we’ve been live for less than 1 year – we’re currently collecting all data across a huge variety of professions, products and services available so that we can better demonstrate potential uplift across socials, purchases etc. 

Bloss is a platform which requires your input in order to get the most out of it. Our users come to us looking for expert-led advice and guidance, so if you are able to showcase your services and products brilliantly via content and a professional finish (Ie. High resolution, enticing images and lots of detail) you will attract more clients and consequently get more bookings. We will offer as much help and guidance as you need to ensure you are presenting your offering at its best and make your time on the platform as prosperous as possible!


What will I get in return for submitting content?

In short – maximum exposure! By submitting regular fresh content which acts as your shop window (much in the same way it does on social media platforms) you will become more discoverable. Your profile will be featured on our homepage and in our newsletters, on site searches and thus get infront of more people.. 


What will I get in return for submitting exclusive content for Bloss subscribers?

Content which is exclusive to our Bloss subscribers will be viewed by a premium group of users who are proactively searching for a solution to their problem and thus statistically more likely to convert to paying clients. We can also offer this content as a paid resource to our 25k+ freemium members, meaning you can still gain revenue from time spent on content creation. We will be putting more marketing activity behind these products which means more exposure for you across our social media channels, as well as external paid advertising spend (the cost of which will be covered by bloss).


Do experts have to subscribe?

No, experts receive FREE access to our subscription service, which is available for yourself and 2 additional family members. We will also periodically be putting on exclusive Expert special offers for your own clients, friends and family to access.  


Will I be paid to answer questions in ‘The Clinic’?

Yes, you will be paid £1 per answer given, subject to the below guidelines. This will be paid to you monthly, via Paypal or BACS.


How do I answer questions in ‘The Clinic’? Are there any rules?

Please follow our Clinic Guidelines as follows:

‘The Clinic’ Guidelines

  • Please provide as much detail as necessary in your answer. Some questions will be easy to answer in just a couple of sentences, while others will require more detail. For any more personalised or in depth requirements, please include a Bloss link to a consultation or service you offer.
  • Please do not post external links to your personal website. If you wish to signpost to resources please utilise links to the articles, information and advice available via your Bloss page, or links to your Bloss services and products. Please feel free to add an article or piece of content to your profile prior to giving your answer. We will delete any personal links on your answers and will record how many times this occurs
  • If you wish to include external reference links, please only use the following verified sites:

    Registered Charities (https://www.gov.uk/find-charity-information)
    UK Government Resources (https://www.gov.uk)
    NHS https://www.nhs.uk/
    WebMD (https://www.webmd.com)

Healthline (https://www.healthline.com)
Mayo Clinic (https://www.mayoclinic.org/)


  • Please do not include any personal email addresses or phone numbers to get in touch with users. Please encourage them to reach you via Bloss for Free (Bloss – Ask an Expert Service – https://blossapp.com/shop/bloss/ask-an-expert-anything/) This service will allow one of our team to connect you if they wish to discuss in further detail your offering. We will delete any personal emails or numbers on your answers and will record how many times this occurs
  • Any question from users can receive answers from multiple experts, should you wish to offer input and advice.
  • We kindly request you do not answer questions unrelated to your area of expertise or qualifications.
  • Please include definitions or explanations of any terminology users may not be familiar with (Eg Circadian` Rhythms / Wake Windows / Medical abbreviations or other subject specific terminology).
  • Please conclude you answer with next steps to try where possible – include a link to your paid services or products on Bloss if appropriate.


Will I get alerted when a topic comes up that is something I am linked with?

Yes, no need to scroll through the forum on a regular basis searching for applicable questions! We know your time is valuable and we will be sending you regular emails alerting you to topics related to your subject area, as well as whatsapp messages. Please ensure you add the following email address to your saved contact list and this phone number to your phones address book:


Email: [email protected]
Phone / Whatsapp: +44 7494 927 299


Would it be one expert answering each question?

Any question from users can receive answers from multiple experts, should you wish to offer input and advice.


How does the ‘Ask the Expert’ feature work?

The ‘Ask The Expert’ feature on Bloss is a paid, more specific service for users. This is usually charged at £15 per question. Users who want to ask you a question specifically can submit and pay for this via your profile. They are then directed to an internal messaging system which shows up inside your Bloss Portal. The intention is to offer the next level of guidance or advice which is somewhere between a general forum answer (in the public domain) and a full 1-1 consultation. 

This feature also offers you the opportunity to qualify any questions coming through to you – our experts expressed that many users fish for advice and ‘freebies’ (without malice but without the desire to actually pay for your time!) which has led to many hours spent on ‘Free’ advice – your valuable time when you could be working with paying clients! As such, we have had experts add the link to their ‘Ask The Expert’ question to their Instagram DM’s and Email auto responders, which has given users a way to reach out for advice. 


What if I can’t answer or the user needs to be directed to get in person medical advice?

If you feel you cannot give a clear answer to a question in ‘The Clinic’ due to the need for a full consultation, further diagnosis or more information / investigation  – please reply with this message and a link to your other services on Bloss or external resources where possible.

If you feel you cannot give a clear answer to a question after a user has paid to ‘Ask The Expert’ perhaps because the answer would again require more detailed information or it is simply not something you can answer via message – you may go back to the user with the reasons you feel appropriate in your professional opinion, and we can issue a refund so they can rebook a full consultation with you or be redirected to a more appropriate service on Bloss.