Last month, we wrote about managing IVF in the workplace which struck a chord with many of you. One interesting development from the COVID pandemic is that it seems to have accelerated the trend for fertility treatment benefits as employers prioritise our wellbeing.


Perks within businesses are certainly nothing new. Up until now they largely consisted of free gym memberships, company cars, or additional days off. In recent years, however, employers have begun to realise the importance of employee wellbeing. For employees who are experiencing fertility challenges, it can greatly impact their state of mind and their performance. Which is why several UK groups have started to offer fertility-related benefits.

Large UK employers such as NatWest and Clifford Chance, have introduced fertility benefits totalling up to £45,000 per employee. These include offering to pay for IVF or surrogacy. Other benefits include providing time off for appointments, counselling, and miscarriage leave.

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