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It is estimated that fibroids arise in up to 60% of the pre-menopausal female population

They are balls of ‘gristle’… benign tumours containing fibrous and muscle tissue..that grow in the wall of the womb. They can cause heavy periods and pelvic pain and swelling if they are large, and they can also affect fertility, but many people have small fibroids that never need any specific treatment.

Fibroids invariably cause problems if they are inside the womb cavity. Multiple or large fibroids may need surgical removal. Fibroids are easily diagnosed using a pelvic ultrasound.

They are usually dealt with surgically (myomectomy, or the less invasive trans cervical resection if they are inside the womb cavity) , but there are some medical treatments that may be appropriate, which shrink them, or manage the symptoms they cause.

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