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Do you want motherhood to be easier and more fun?

Being a mom can be hard work. It’s easy to run yourself ragged looking after everyone else without ever listening to your own needs or taking any quality time out for yourself. This eventually leads to exhaustion of your mind, body, and spirit.

This book is for all the mamas out there who want to leave a life of burnout and find one of balance, who want to find their Mama Groove, and get their energy back. It will show you how to start enjoying life, and sharing more fun, love, and laughter with your partner and kids. It may seem like a big journey, but it’s broken down into simple, do-able steps for the busiest moms.

It takes you through the 5-steps of The Family Balance Method, which has been developed by conscious family coach and mother, Joanna Hunt. It is the ultimate program for the modern mama. She has blended the best of everything she has learned as a counselor, yoga teacher, and family coach to over 1600 families. She will show you how to create balance, happiness and connection with yourself and your loved ones.