Dr Maria Montessori believed that children thrive when given the freedom to move and learn independently. This is seen in the set up of Montessori classrooms, homes and play spaces and even extends to a child's sleep space.

Believe it or not, encouraging independence, even in the youngest of babies, might seem like more trouble than it's worth at the time (hello little one rolling out of bed) BUT these children quickly come into their own and thrive with this independence. Some young babies in floor beds will even crawl off and put themselves to bed (oh wouldn't that be nice!)

So what is a floor bed?

Put simply, it's a bed - on the floor! Yep, nothing complicated. Some parents choose to use a mattress directly on the floor, others will place it on a slatted base for ventilation, and you can also purchase wooden frames with slats underneath in which to put your mattress.
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