A couple of weeks into January and I’m sure many of you are wanting to turn to that glass of wine or gigantic bar of chocolate already. I’m here to tell you to do it… wait what?! I know, a Coach telling you to give in to those new year resolutions already, controversial! Well, hear me out, I can explain…

I'm sure you've been bombarded already with a lot of this...

'new year, new you!’

‘do better!’

'here’s to a better you!’

'new and improved you!’

Whilst I'm a coach and I love supporting people with setting and achieving goals, and whilst I also love the motivation that we can feel from a fresh January start, the new year hype can often drive unrealistic goals that we never stick to. Not only that, it can often be driven from a place of self-loathing… 'I don't feel good enough, I'm not doing enough, I should be better'. Consequently, that triggers more self-loathing, lack of self-esteem and we fail to acknowledge actually everything we are already achieving.

Step One

Forget - 'new year, new me'

Instead, embrace - 'new year, same me, more love'

How often do you stop to actually acknowledge how much you're doing, or how well you're doing and to actually give yourself a celebratory pat on the back? The likelihood is, most of you answered 'never' or 'not enough' to this question. Well, let's start now.

Step Two

Grab a pen and notebook or use the notes section of your phone.

Make a list of every big and small thing you are proud of yourself for currently.

You are amazing as you are Mumma, so the best goal you can focus on right now more than anything else is to actually be kinder to yourself. Acknowledge how great you are and how well you're doing, and build up your self-love so that it eventually becomes a natural habit. The amazing thing about this is that when self-love is in place, you naturally start opening up your mindset positively to achieve new goals and resiliently move through challenges.

Showing your children that you speak kindly to yourself and teaching them how to talk to themselves kindly too, is one of the greatest things you can ever teach them. Building their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love will set them up to be able to deal confidently, resiliently and kindly with the challenges of life. So, involve your little ones when you are celebrating yourself and them.

Step Three

Together with your little one, say one kind thing about yourselves every day, like 'I am so proud of what I've achieved today!'. If your little one is still too young to join you, let them hear you saying it and smile at them whilst you're speaking.

Self-love is at the core of everything.

Make this your first goal.

I promise you, do this regularly and you will notice the positive difference!!

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