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Relax your body and quieten the mind with this free relaxation session for pregnancy. A chance to connect to baby, breath and body and take some much needed time to slow down and relax. Working into the theta brainwaves Aimee will help guide you to a state of mind free from worries and will welcome you into the heart of Glow, nourishing expectant mums with love, education and yoga.

Relaxing in pregnancy is a powerful skill to practice and fills you up with trust and confidence in your own body. We work to harness this intuition at Glow as we move, breathe and flow connecting inwards and bringing awareness to this incredibly powerful body of ours.

If you would like to have a little taste of what Glow has to offer and meet our founder Aimee then please join us for 30 minutes of deep relaxation and guided meditation via Zoom. You will feel calm, relaxed and connected to your growing baby and it will certainly help put you on track for a good night’s sleep.

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