Planning and executing a family day out can sometimes feel like a military operation.Firstly, finding an attraction, museum or location that will keep all the family entertained can be challenging. Packing and organising lunch boxes, spare clothes, wellies and arm-fulls of snacks and toys for the journey and getting everyone out of the door on time…do not get us started on getting out of the door!Despite the likely increase to our stress levels, family days out are memory making and we are fortunate to have so many great attractions in the capital.However, take a moment to consider how you will navigate the struggles we have outlined above if your child has special educational needs.Suddenly, the stresses of a family day out take a stress making turn. Will the attraction you have chosen trigger your child’s sensory issues? Will the toileting and changing facilities be accessible, or even clean?  Will your child be interested in the activity if it is not directly linked to their areas of special interest? That is before you must consider the other people…crowds, queues, noises and the dreaded…opinions.
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