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These guided relaxation tracks are perfect during pregnancy and birth to help you approach and embrace your birthing day with empowerment, positivity and calmness. They will help you to feel confident about birth, help you release any fears that you might have and become a tool that supports you during labour. These are best when listened to just before you go to sleep. This is a pack of four MP3 tracks:
  • Building Confidence
  • Creating Calm
  • Finding Your Safe Place
Plus: Fear Release Relaxation Click below to download. About Sam: Hello, I’m Sam! I worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years and absolutely loved the creative work I got to do, but felt that there was something missing; I really wanted to help people. During my first pregnancy, I worked long hours and was completely in denial about what was about to happen. I had a fear of pregnancy, birth and everything that came with it, so when I heard about ‘Hypnobirthing’ and that it meant you could have a pain free birth, I knew I needed to do it. Little did I know how much this would change my life. It opened a whole world that I didn’t even know existed. My mind was blown by some of the science I learnt about my own body and the fact that I had never been taught this. Our bodies are a miracle! With all this new knowledge and tools to cope, I felt empowered to have the calm and relaxed birth that I hadn’t thought possible before. My birth didn’t go quite to plan but I still had the most incredible experience and remained so calm and positive throughout, all thanks to my Hypnobirthing practice. I really want to share all this knowledge with the world to ensure that women can understand their bodies and take control of their own birth.