Who doesn't loved a chilled and focused start to the day? Wake up before tiny human, hydrate, 20 minutes meditation, 30 minutes boxing, shower without an audience, choose an outfit, eat my chocolate overnight oats, wake up tiny human with lots of cuddles. That's my ideal and to achieve it I need to get up between 530 and 6am (not the easiest when you've been summoned to help tiny human pee at 3:45am after getting under the duvet at 11pm). There's an entire industry built on 'Miracle Morning Routines' (having a chilled out morning is a miracle when you've reproduced.) Here's the deal though. You're never going to have the ideal miracle morning if you've been up till 2am watching Call my Agent or drinking a chilled sauvignon while scrolling insta, wondering whether you need pink tiles in your utility room (you probably don't!) I remember having this chat with someone on my team in a bank that will remain nameless. He was always yawning because his tiny one woke up at 6am and he'd been up till midnight. I was confused why didn't he just go to bed if he knew he'd be woken early? Now I know.
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