Fireworks night is a favourite in our household. Getting wrapped up and going out into the chilly night for some toffee apples and hot chocolate! However, it’s not just pets that are impacted by fireworks. Sometimes our little ones can be frightened by the loud bangs which creates some anxiety around bedtime. Even if they aren’t scared and love the colour, it might simply be the loud noises late into the night will keep them awake. So what can we do to help our little ones sleep on bonfire night?


Getting your child down at their normal bedtime is actually very important when there are fireworks going off. Lots of firework displays – both private and public – are often early evening or from about 7.30/8pm onwards. So if you can get your infant into a deep sleep before the banging starts then they will likely not even notice. That phrase ‘sleep like a baby’ does come from somewhere!

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