Holiday and sleep. It’s something so many parents worry about when they should be excited for their time away. I’m going to give you some tips for making sure your little ones sleep as well on holiday as they do at home. You need to free up worrying to give you time to pack everything but the kitchen sink! When you have kids, long gone are the days when you can throw together a suitcase the night before.

Bedtime Routine

The first recommendation is one not to get too hung up on if it isn’t possible, but try to keep their bedtime routine as close to their normal one at home. It can be simple things such as the same bubble bath, bath toys, reading familiar stories etc. And even if they are going to bed later, if you can carry out the same routine steps do so rather than rush it through. Even if their bedtime is different, the familiar steps will let them know that they are expected to sleep now.

Home from Home

Kids love consistency and familiarity so try and keep as much from home as you can. It will be tempting to take a nice clean sleeping bag or cot sheet with you, but it’s best to take one that has been used before. They will smell familiar which can provide comfort in new surroundings.

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