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During the last year the way most people talk to each other and get their work done has changed and a lot more is being done online and even after things return to “normal” I don’t think it will all go back to way it was before. There are lots of advantages to meeting people online, you don’t have to travel anywhere, the technology is easy to access and is inherently flexible. Not to mention the fact that you can sit in pyjama bottoms during meetings and no one needs to know! 

As a hypnotherapist I have continued to work during the pandemic and I have had an increasing number of clients who have asked for online support and we have continued to run their sessions over Zoom. However, I am often asked is online hypnotherapy as effective as face to face? Does hypnosis work online? And my answer to both of these questions is yes! 

Research has been carried out that backs this up too and one report concluded that online therapy actually leads to better progress and was in some ways more effective than face to face. A review in the Journal of Medical Internet Research stated that results “indicate that e-therapy seems to be at least equivalent to face to face therapy”

Hypnotherapy online is a safe and convenient alternative to face to face therapy that works just as well. We would follow the same structured approach as I would do if I was meeting you. It is also really helpful if you have other time constraints on your diary; there’s no travel time and sessions can be scheduled around work, childcare or medical appointments and it makes therapy more accessible for more people. 

Some people feel even more comfortable having online sessions because they are in their own homes surrounded by their own things and often feel more relaxed more quickly – which is the key for getting the most benefits from hypnotherapy. We all go in and out of a hypnotic state, trance, several times a day; often when we are completely focussed on the work in hand or when you are totally engrossed in a film or TV program so to experience hypnosis a hypnotherapist does not have to be in the room with you. This trance state is completely natural and is a safe place to be and you will remain in complete control the whole time. You can be easily put into this state as long as you can hear my guided relaxations through your headphones or speaker.

As humans we all need time to relax and process all the information that is stored in our brains which is why hypnotherapy can be so very beneficial because it combines powerful solution-focussed discussions followed by a hypnosis session where ideas and solutions can be explored and utilised by the brain so that you feel all the positive benefits afterwards.

I use bloss for hypnotherapy sessions as it is simple to use and offers myself and my clients safety and security. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a device with a camera and speakers or facility to use headphones and a quiet comfortable space to relax. Once we have agreed a time I will send you a unique link for our session which you will need to click and only you will be able to access our “room”. Sessions are not recorded in anyway so there is no need to worry about any personal information being used elsewhere.

Just as if we were meeting face to face the first part of our session will be spent with us having a chat about what you would like help with and looking at different ways we can move forward together which will be unique to you. You will then relax and I will ask you to find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down so I can still see your face and I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation where your mind is more open to absorbing new ideas. The end of our time together we will talk about your progress and book in any subsequent sessions.

Online hypnotherapy is just as effective; there is no difference. What is most important is that you choose the right therapist for you. Someone you click with, you feel you can trust and who you feel most comfortable talking to. You are no longer limited to finding a therapist who lives nearby so take your time to find the right person to help you. This is why I offer all new clients a free 20 minute session so that you have an opportunity to talk to me, get to know how I work and also ask any questions that you still have. 

If you are motivated to change and determined to succeed then online hypnotherapy can help you get to where you want to be.