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During the last year the way most people talk to each other and get their work done has changed and a lot more is being done online and even after things return to “normal” I don’t think it will all go back to way it was before. There are lots of advantages to meeting people online, you don’t have to travel anywhere, the technology is easy to access and is inherently flexible. Not to mention the fact that you can sit in pyjama bottoms during meetings and no one needs to know! 

As a hypnotherapist I have continued to work during the pandemic and I have had an increasing number of clients who have asked for online support and we have continued to run their sessions over Zoom. However, I am often asked is online hypnotherapy as effective as face to face? Does hypnosis work online? And my answer to both of these questions is yes! 

Research has been carried out that backs this up too and one report concluded that online therapy actually leads to better progress and was in some ways more effective than face to face. A review in the Journal of Medical Internet Research stated that results “indicate that e-therapy seems to be at least equivalent to face to face therapy”

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