BlossWorkshopThe menopause

Learn about sleeping patterns during the menopause and how these can impact in the workplace

According to scientific data, up to 57% of women suffer from sleep disturbance during the
peri-menopause and menopause.

This workshop explores why menopause can be a key trigger of insomnia because of the
physiological and psychological changes women experience when going through menopause.

The aim of this workshop is to leave you with a better understanding of the sleep challenges women going through the menopause experience as well as some practical strategies you can share and how you can offer genuine support to your employees.


  • What is sleep?
  • Sleep physiology
  • Sleep in the menopause
  • The impact it has in the workplace
  • Managing sleep during the menopause
  • Sleep hygiene strategies

How the workshop is delivered

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Online
  • Number of Attendees: up to 40
  • Includes a 15 min Q&A session and PDF summary

About Vicki

Vicki is a leading sleep expert and has worked on a number of evidence based sleep projects across all areas of sleep from newborns to adults.

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