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It’s becoming more and more common for both parents to have careers, and why not! I’m all for parents working and enjoying their career. Stereotypically…a mother would usually stay home with their children, bringing them up, cooking their meals and sorting the laundry. However, its 2021, and why can’t women work like men do?

Working out what sort of childcare would work well for you and your family is one to be discussed before you dive in. You may decide nursery is best, and a child minder, or even a nanny may suit you and your family’s needs  the greatest.

I always think of finding the right nanny as speed dating, but for a family purpose. Some families interview multiple nannies, and some only a few. As cliché as it sounds, when you know, you know. Trust me. Like a relationship, take it slow and don’t rush into it. It’s really worth taking the time to interview and find the right fit for your family. You don’t want to be chop and changing nanny every 6 months because you don’t think they’re the right one for your family’s needs. Not only is this a huge disruption for you, the children, it takes up valuable time, and costs money!!

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