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Hi my name is Nicole Chapman, I’m a personal trainer online coach and pre and postnatal specialist. Here are my top tips for managing your physical and mental wellbeing through motherhood.

One of the most common questions I get asked and advice on is how do we find time to work out through motherhood?

Now, firstly, you’re spending so many plates, so be kind to yourself, okay. If you’re at home with your little one and there there’s windows of naps and things like that, a top tip is to start with your workout gear on at the top of the day. That way, when you get that window, as soon as your baby’s gone down to sleep, you can go straight into that workout, have it planned as well, know what you’re going to do. It could be following on a program, it could have been something you’ve written down yourself, but at least you’re utilizing that time in the most efficient and effective way.

Another tip is to schedule it in like an appointment in your diary. If you’re really struggling to find that time, then see it as a doctor’s appointment for yourself or something or a business meeting, put it in your diary. We often think that we’re going to be motivated to do something, but that isn’t the case action is required to get motivation.

So if you set yourself small targets and build it up slowly, like 10 minute windows that you might decide to do two to three times a week, see how you get with that. Celebrate those wins the annual hectic motherhood day. You are finding that window to work out.

That is a huge achievement and the more you do it, the more you’ll feel better. And it’s just about making yourself a priority as well. This is your time for your mental and physical health.