The teenage years can be a challenging time for many parents. Even children who were quite easy going in their younger years can almost transform overnight! Teenagers want to become more independent from their parents just at a time when the dangers they can be exposed to increase and parents expect them to be more responsible. Many parents desperately wonder how to help your teenager deal with this time in their life.

It can be a scary and frustrating time for parents and teens can feel misunderstood, angry and detached! This session will firstly consider new research into the changes going on in a teenager’s brain and then explore how parents can communicate effectively with teens to really stay connected, have a close relationship and at the same time make boundaries work

How to help your teenager and support them

Session outline

  • Understanding the changes taking place in the adolescent brain
  • Talking to teens so they will listen
  • Listening to teens so they will talk
  • Setting boundaries

Session includes

  • Personal attention and feedback in an informal atmosphere
  • An invaluable booklet complete with information covered on the session
  • Opportunity to ask questions

Workshop information

How the workshop is delivered:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Online
  • Number of Attendees: no limit
  • Includes a 15 min Q&A session and an invaluable booklet complete with information covered on the session

Surviving the teenage years

Facilitator: Rachel Vecht

  • Trained as a primary school teacher at the Institute of Education in London and taught in both the state and independent sector. She has also worked as a University mentor and lecturer to student teachers.
  • In 2001, she founded Educating Matters, in addition to becoming a mother to 4 children. She has supported and guided tens of thousands of working parents in the corporate and public sector globally.
  • She also delivers online parenting courses, speaks in schools, offers one to one consultations to parents globally and comments on parenting for the media, podcasts and blog posts.

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