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A lively and fun workshop designed to optimise your health to support your fertility and the future health of your tribe! any wonder how to increase fertility: we will cover gut health for fertility, diet tips and much more.

Infertility is on the rise worldwide, with as many as one in six couples now reportedly struggling to conceive and/or maintain a healthy pregnancy. Companies are starting to offer IVF support packages to their employees but there is a multitude of things we can do in advance of IVF to conceive naturally or do in conjunction with IVF to line ourselves up for success.

This hour and a half talk will provide you with a host of information and easy to implement strategies that can help you and your partner optimise your fertility health and the future health of your baby and their babies!

How to increase fertility

Areas covered

  • Diet hacks to support and improve egg and sperm health.
  • Why our modern day ‘optimal ranges’ for health are not serving us well.
  • Why we need to push for higher targets for our fertility.
  • Your gut health and your fertility.
  • Essential laboratory testing to support a successful pregnancy and additional testing to know about that you won’t hear of in the NHS.
  • The common roadblocks to successful conception and full- term pregnancy.
  • How to know when to delve deeper rather than let the months of ‘trying’ roll on.

How the workshop is delivered

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Online or face to face
  • Number of attendees: no limit
  • Includes a Q+A

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