By Louise Deverell-Smith, Founder of Daisy Chain, the flexible working platform

With school holidays around the corner, that dread of entertaining the children whilst working is creeping up on me (and haven’t we all had enough of this in the last 18 months?). So, this year I have a goal to be organised, and I thought I'd share my top tips on balancing the school holidays with work. That work-life balance is always a juggle, but in the school holidays, this is when it can really feel overwhelming.

My top tips for finding the balance:

1. Plan activities ahead - Why not plan out several days' worth of fun activities in advance? And let the children know the plans so they can get excited. There will be days/mornings/ afternoons that the children will have to entertain themselves (here's a confession of mine - I think it's good that children get bored sometimes! Life is not constant excitement and planned activities.)
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