Oh mom guilt: a topic that is one of my favs, not because I enjoy it in any way, shape or form, but because I know how important it is to understand it and talk through it and get a handle on it if you want to become a better time momager, if you want to feel good so you can do good, if you want to live your best freaking life.

Now, let’s just start by acknowledging mom guilt is a thing we’re aware of, a person we’re acquainted with, a feeling we have all felt , probably more than we’ve wanted to. #amirite? We're all on this mom life journey together and mom guilt seems to come along for the ride, even though she is totally uninvited.

Mom guilt arrives wearing chunky, clunky jewellery when our babies are born and we’re trying to keep the house quiet and calm. She walks around in those obnoxious, hideous heels. Yes, even in our homes, where we don’t allow shoes, and she’s loud, rude and crazy while we’re just trying to figure out this postpartum thing and survive as new moms, not sleeping and trying not to cry all day every day.

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