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Preparation is key to having a positive birth experience. I’m sure many of you will have heard friends, family members and even strangers telling you negative birth stories. It can be overwhelming and perhaps you are now fearing those things will happen to you too. So the first point is:

1. If it’s too much for you to hear, then say

A lot of people share their negative birth stories as a way to warn or educate those who have yet to have their babies. You know, “don’t do what I did” or “this is what happened to me, you can avoid it!” The intention may be good but you have to be in the place to hear it. Things we see, hear, talk about all have a way of slipping into our unconscious minds and affecting us even if we don’t realise it. If you are sensitive to negative birth stories or if you fear them impacting your own experience, say to the person or people sharing these stories that you don’t have the capacity to hear. Ultimately the choice is yours though and if having this information is empowering for you, then that’s great! Listen on! 

2. Find good antenatal education

Knowledge is power! Having good education will help you to be informed of all of your options and scenarios. This will help you to get into the right headspace to have a positive birth. Read reviews, ask your friends and family and find the right education for you and your family! Hypnobirthing is a really good birth education choice. Finding a practitioner that encompasses hypnobirthing techniques alongside very practical birth information can make a real difference to how you approach your impending birth.

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