The transition from Primary to Secondary school is an exciting milestone with plenty of new opportunities, new friendships and new surroundings. However, as we all know, change can be daunting and may cause worry or anxiety. Every child is different academically, socially and emotionally, however these tips should prepare students for the change ahead and help to smooth the transition.


Establishing new friendships is an important part of a new school, which may be out of your child’s comfort zone. Before the school year starts, we would recommend children try a new activity or join a new club, to help to build resilience and practice their communication skills. Attending school open days will allow your child to meet other students who will be starting at the same time and familiarise them with their new environment.

Time management

Children will become more independent at secondary school, but they may need some initial support managing their schedule and deadlines. Leading up to the transition, it is worth introducing some opportunities that give your child responsibility like taking the dog for a walk. Children will need good organisation and time management skills at secondary school. Introducing checklists and homework calendars is a great way to monitor deadlines and ensure they are being met. Encouraging good organisation, such as preparing your school bag the night before, will make the school day run more smoothly.

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