Working from home can be lonely, isolating, and suck the motivation out of you if you let it. In these trying times, here are Daisy Chain’s tips for Working from Home and how it can be a positive thing! Be time clever
Now, you may have more time (no commute, getting ready, etc) or less (kids/partners THERE!) but now is the time to use your time wisely. Set yourself a schedule of when you are working, when you are with kids when you are finishing work, and stick to it. This way, you can plan your day and have a clear idea of actually what time you have, and share the chores equally.
Know what’s work and what’s homeDo you have a separate space to work, ideally your own office? It’s really important to set these boundaries for your mental and physical wellbeing as working at your kitchen table when the washer’s going, and kids are running around doesn’t bode well for a productive day.The internet is your friendPeople, communities, and friends are only a click away so if you are feeling a bit lonely then arrange a chat, or better off, get a few of your fellow business owners together and have a cuppa and an online meet up. There’s nothing better than speaking to other business owners in times of turmoil for reassurance and light relief!Have clear kid breaks If your partner and your kids are at home, go strategic! Put together a plan for when you work and when you look after the kids and your partner do the same. Being organised is key here as if you’re both trying to work, trying to cook tea, trying to manage the kids – nothing will get done.Really have a look at your businessIt’s a good opportunity to really look at your business and recognise any opportunities there are for added online value or other services that you could offer in the current climate. When we are restricted, we often see things we wouldn’t have seen before in terms of ideas and creativity, so use your time wisely.Get the to-do list doneWe all have things on our list that we just can’t be bothered doing (transferring photos, decorating the living room, tax return – urgh!)  Now maybe the time to do it – have a business & home spring clean if you will and get yourself ready for action for when we’re back to normality.Keep sane Make sure you’re looking after mind, body, and soul by eating well, sleeping well, and exercising. If you have to run around your garden, then so be it! Get some fresh air, try and laugh often and eat healthily.
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