Hello and a warm welcome to members of the bloss community, my name is Laura Rose and Iā€™m one of the founders of The LGBT mummies. We are an organisation whose sole purpose is to educate, share and celebrate LGBT plus women and people. We act as a central source of support and safe haven of information, guidance and knowledge on the different routes to starting a family.

As a website, social channels and support groups. Advising on clinics and banks, educational resources, support groups and services information on supporting you. Whether you are fostering, have children already as a single parent, co parent, single parent, or couple all are welcome.

We are passionate about making change for LGBT plus families and are even in talks with the government about making change and working directly with them within the NHS and other healthcare medical organisations and bodies to create positive policy change to insure equality, inclusivity. Please reach out to contact us through a website or social channels we are here to help you on your journey.