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Watch the video to find out more about The Practical Child and how they help parents, or you can read the transcript of the video here:

Video transcript

Hi there, welcome to the practical child. My name is Sally and I’m a children’s occupational therapist.
And my name is Kirsty and I’m a children’s physiotherapist. We are proud to partner with bloss in our quest to help enable parents to gain belief and faith in their own ability to support their child’s development and raise children that are happy, confident and caring.

We both have years of experience and are experts in child development from birth through to teenagers, and support families and caregivers with their children’s movements, sensory development and mastering of new skills. That’s encouraging children to engage in the activities that they want to do. This can be activities such as playing with friends, joining in sports, cooking, handwriting, organizational skills, dressing, potty training, or toilet training. for babies, it may be working on rolling or achieving developmental milestones.

We’re looking forward to bringing you lots of helpful informative videos, products and courses to help you and your little ones on your special journey through childhood and parenting, such as our read do develop series of children’s picture books carefully designed to help boost their development and master new skills.

We are firm believers in looking at children as a whole, and are often amazed how a task that on the surface seems so simple, such as crawling can have a huge impact on many aspects of that child’s development and future skills. For example, did you know that crawling as a baby can affect handwriting as a five year old.

We also support parents and caregivers of babies and children needing extra support. For example, those born prematurely, children with a range of coordination difficulties, cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome. We are so excited to share our knowledge, passion and experience with you to support your child’s progress.