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Firstly lets answer the safety question, yes, it’s absolutely safe and also recommended by the NHS for women during pregnancy to partake in regular exercise. As a pre and postnatal specialist the question around whether its safe and what to avoid when pregnant is a question I often get asked and with good reason. I continued to teach Yoga and Pilates and workout with weights in the gym throughout my pregnancy. I had lots of people come up to me and ask me when I was going to stop and if it was “safe for the baby”.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of fear, confusion and myths out there about pregnancy exercise so hopefully this post can help dispel those myths and give you more confidence.

How often can you exercise when pregnant?

This is a question lots of mums-to-be ask me. My advice is, if you have fallen pregnant and aren’t already exercising regularly begin with 15 minutes of activity three times a week then increase this gradually to 30 minutes, 5 times a week. If you are already exercising you can continue with your regular activities so long as you feel able to and have your doctors clearance.

Often women are worried about how to exercise safely during pregnancy however the benefits really are endless when it comes to your physical and mental health.

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