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Coronavirus, lockdowns, and social isolation has brought up a lot of emotions (and skeletons in the closet too) for so many mamas and perhaps has left you feeling a bit stuck? Yet, at the same time, it has also been the wake up call so many mamas were needing to take their life to the next level.

Let’s find out what redefining motherhood is and the steps you can take to set your parenting journey on a new path.

Start redefining motherhood

To start redefining your motherhood, my advice is to:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Slow down.
  • Surrender to your heart.
  • Seek your truth.
  • Stop overthinking.
  • Feel more.
  • Remember you are free.
  • Free to redefine your life.
  • Free to break the old rules.
  • Free to follow your heart.
  • Free to create a new story.
  • Free to embrace the transformation that wants to unfold for you.
  • You are free to say YES.
  • To say yes to a new path.
  • To say yes to a new way.
  • To say yes to a truer and more beautiful you.
  • To say yes to your special spark within.
  • To say yes to your magic.
  • To say yes to the sacred flow.

And, you SAY YES to these things by tapping into your feminine powers.

joanna hunt holding daughter and smiling square image

Why is now the time to redefine motherhood?

And, what exactly do I mean by feminine powers? Let me explain.

These are amazing times we live in. Like never before, there are many opportunities open to all of us to step into our potential, clear the path, live out our soul’s purpose and fulfil our dreams.

I think many of us can intuitively feel that big changes are afoot and the energy and consciousness on the planet is shifting at an unprecedented speed. We’re all being called to heal and transform the suppressed and shadowed parts of ourselves. This can feel exhilarating one day and overwhelming the next.

One of the changes I see is more curiosity and awareness developing around the empowered feminine archetype and what it means and looks like to live, love, and lead from this place.

I’m noticing in myself and in my clients that it’s becoming increasingly painful to stay disconnected from our feminine energy and to remain in a masculine-dominant-doing-and-achieving energy like so many of us have lived in the past.

By feminine energy I mean that part of us that is open, receptive, intuitive, creative, compassionate, nurturing, non-linear and connected to our feelings, emotions, and healing powers. While masculine energy is typically more goal and purpose driven, rational, linear, focused, protective, structured and about doing and achieving.

All of us mamas contain both masculine and feminine energy. It’s simply that our culture has historically favoured the masculine over the feminine and created an imbalance that is now coming to light and beginning to shift back.

So how do you do this? How do clear the path and begin to honour and unleash your magical feminine energy? The energy that is the cornerstone to healing your life and living out your soul’s purpose?

3 steps to redefine motherhood and get you started:

1. Find a Way to Remove Your Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs

Do you believe you are deserving of a wonderful life? Do you believe you are destined for greatness? Feel into that question for a moment. Place your hands on your heart, close your eyes, take a big breath, and truthfully answer.

A lot of the moms I work with want to answer this question with a yes – but, if they are being honest with themselves – they aren’t feeling very good about themselves and life isn’t feeling very wonderful at this current moment. If that is how you are feeling – that’s okay.

All of your feelings are valid. All of your feelings are information. You have to honour the information your feelings are communicating to you in order to shift, transform, and uplevel.

You have to feel to heal.

And acknowledging what’s not feeling good within your life right now and acknowledging how you are keeping yourself stuck and self-sabotaging is the first step.

It’s incredibly valuable to acknowledge that something in your life feels off. And, after you acknowledge and honour your feelings and recognise your limiting beliefs – deeply know that there is something you can do about it, to change, to feel better, and to transcend into a soul-aligned way of being.

A powerful way to let go is to increase your self worth. As you start increasing your self-worth, you will attract better experiences into your life. It’s a magical trick that works every time.

It’s time for you to start believing you’re deserving of a wonderful life – a life in which things keep getting better – a life of greatness!

Increasing your self-worth will allow you to let go of things from the past more freely because you deeply know that goodness is on its way into your life and will arrive as soon as you make space for it. That’s the process – you let go of what’s not working, you create the space for something new, and then you let the goodness come pouring in.

2. Connect to Your Dreams and Desires

Once you release old ways of being and thinking, you can make space for you to dream! This can feel scary sometimes: to give yourself permission to declare what your soul is craving and what you truly desire.

So, let me ask you. Who are You? What is your life truly about? What are your dreams and desires? What truly lights you up? What is the truest and most beautiful life you can live?

Your desires lead to your magic and your alignment. If you’re disconnected from your deep heartfelt desires, you are missing an essential part of you, and will never experience fulfilment and happiness.

It’s time to reconnect! To be powerfully living in your feminine power, you must open to your inner guidance, intuition, your feeling nature, your dreams and desires.

Find a way to relight your inner fire and rediscover what turns you on. You most likely knew as a child. Begin to allow yourself to explore, play, go on an adventure, dream, turn up the music—dance, sing, run, laugh, and shake what your mama gave ya! Your body, heart and soul know what lights you up. Listen. This is where your feminine power lies. Let it speak to you and listen to her messages.

A powerful way to tap into this part of you is to experience the ancient feminine practice of a Women’s Circle. This will give you a concrete platform to honour your truest and most beautiful life in a community of soul-mate sisters.

3. Embody The Elements

Embodying the Elements allows you to flip the switch from robot to flower. It allows you to stop numbing out and instead access your full range of emotions and express them with ease.

When you’re dis-embodied from the elements and unable to access your feminine energy you:

  • Eat your emotions.
  • Use external sensations (like sugar, food, wine, shopping, sex) to fill the numbness of your body.
  • Break your own boundaries & agreements.
  • Feel you’re not ‘good enough’.
  • Don’t know how your body wants to move.
  • Have trouble making decisions & knowing what you want.
  • Dishonour yourself.
  • Put yourself last.
  • Are addicted to pleasing others.
  • Live from your head, rather than your heart or soul.
  • Have trouble being present with your partner and kids.
  • Go through the motions and find it difficult to experience true pleasure, happiness, or joy.

Embodying the elements is the medicine that transforms your heart from closed to wide open so that you can live a fulfilling, happy, and soul-aligned life.

It’s the path from releasing masculine energetic blocks so that you can finally tap into and reclaim your feminine energy and power.

In my experience, most mothers in the western world are using about 15%-20% of their available feminine energy and body wisdom. This was the case for me & perhaps why I was drawn to embodiment.

Certainly, I had emotions! I could tell you when I was hungry, but I will still living most of life from my head. Life was an endless to-do-list of problems to solve and destinations to get to. It just felt more comfortable, safer, and easier to be in my head rather than in my heart (where I feel everything) or in my hips (experiencing all the pain and possibilities of pleasure that live there).

Rather the language of our body is sensations. And we uncover a great deal of WHO WE ARE by feeling them.

Take a moment to consider these questions…

1. Where am I holding tension in my body?

2. How do I feel when someone whispers to me “you are beautiful?”

3. If I breathe into my heart, what does it want me to acknowledge?

4. When I’m in a room with my mother how big or small is my energy field?

How did you answer these questions?

What resources or process did you go through to answer them?

An embodied woman would pause to feel her answer & come to know her truth through being sensitive to information and wisdom alive inside her at all times.

Like everything in life, transformation doesn’t happen at the snap of your fingers – it takes real work. But trust me, it’s worth the effort.

Know that there’s something inside of yourself that is greater than any obstacle. Know that there’s something inside of yourself that’s greater than any imbalance. Know that there’s something inside of yourself that’s greater than your current circumstances.

Trust your innate KNOWING. Trust yourself to REDEFINE MOTHERHOOD, Trust your FEMININE MAGIC. Trust the timing that life is unfolding for you.

joanna hunt private coaching on the beach gazing at the sun square image

Imagine with me: What if in 2-3 weeks from now you woke up and …

For the first time in a long time, you had a clear vision for what you wanted for your life.

Felt a radical shift in your mindset and heartset – the kind of shift that finally allows you to feel. To feel true peace in your life and with your loved ones.

Finally started to believe that you matter, like really matter, and therefore you start taking responsibility for your life in a whole new way that feels freeing and liberating.

Trusted yourself and the universe so deeply that you had a renewed sense of energy, desire, and passion for life.

Here is the thing … I want what you want.

And, if you’re committed to finding your true balance and attracting your greatest possibilities in then I’m deeply committed to getting you there in the fastest and most simple way possible.

And, the fastest and most simple way possible is to redefine motherhood and embody the elements.

So let me ask you….

  • Are you Ready?
  • Ready to let go of fear, anxiety, and the need to control?
  • Ready to redefine motherhood and for being a mama to start feeling easier and more fun?
  • Ready to love a life that is better than anything you could have imagined?
  • Ready to feel focused, energized, and genuinely happy?

Are you ready to UPLEVEL your vibe and your life and start living with a heart that is wide open? If YOU are ready to do just that then let me be your coach.

And know that I am here for you to redefine motherhood, unlock your blocks and support you in stepping into your magic. You’re never alone. Together we rise! … All the way up!

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