Hi, I’m Jo Lenz and I’m a pediatric or children’s dietician, and I’m going to be sharing my top tips to help with any issues you may be facing with your baby or your child’s eating.

So encouraging your little one to take a vitamin is a common issue that we face with parents is sometimes it can be quite stressful if they don’t want to take the vitamin and you know, that they should be so ideally, all children up to the age of five should be having a vitamin supplement that contains vitamins A, C and D.

So I think the key is that just knowing that they come in all different forms now, so you can get it in a spray form, which is really good for absorption. They can come in gummies, but you just need to be really careful with these that they aren’t choking houses. So make sure the one that you’re choosing is age appropriate. They can come and syrups, and you can also get sprinkles, which are really useful for children who are super fussy, because these are tasteless and odorless, and you can just add them to food and they don’t change the taste of that.

So if you’re having difficulty getting your little one to take a vitamin or mineral supplement, I think don’t panic. There is lots of different options out there. Have a chat with a dietician as we can hopefully advise you on maybe something else to try.