For millennia, people have worshipped the womb as the sacred portal from which all life is birthed. The womb space is our seat of deep wisdom and our creative power centre. It is where we birth new life and new ideas into the world.

The womb is the centre of our creativity, sexuality, pleasure, sensuality, desires, passion, empowerment, deep wisdom and represents our relationship with the self and our worth.

Our womb space, or ‘hara’ for men, is governed by the sacral chakra. We store our emotions here and often other people’s emotions we have collected. This is where we store energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories and trauma.

These can stay buried in our subconscious, creating energetic blocks in our womb space and can also manifest as physical symptoms like digestive issues (as we haven’t digested or processed our emotions) fertility issues, cysts, fibroids, weight gain and hormonal imbalance.

Our wombs are direct portals for spirits to enter the physical realm, whether that’s in the form of a baby or an inspiration to materialise an idea. We all experience the birthing process, even if it is in the form of a new project, new intention, or even a
new way of being. When energetic blocks form in our sacral chakra, we can feel stuck, lack clarity and our power, and creativity is limited.

Our womb is a gateway to our primal instinctual self. Our pelvis – which is shaped as a downward triangle – is also known as our Sacred Chalice, and embodies our feminine essence. When alchemised with the other wisdom centres of the body, her role is our inner guide and oracle.

Take a moment and put your hands on your womb or hara with love and tenderness and just feel her. What pleasure and soulful nourishment does she need? What messages does she want to share with you?


For thousands of years, the womb and not the heart was seen as the symbol of love and life.

When women get sexually aroused, the womb starts to beat like a heart. One of my Qigong teachers calls the womb ‘the heart below the horizon’. ‘The womb also has nerve connections to the neocortex and the voluntary nervous system. Therefore, when the woman regains the uterus-conscious psychosomatic unit, she can consciously or semi-unconsciously, accompany that movement expanding the wave of pleasure, so that she can live her sexuality in an expanding, healthy and continuous manner.’

By the time they reach adolescence, many young girls’ wombs are so contracted and rigid, that the limited opening of the cervix to allow menstruation out produces pain. To regain uterine sensitivity, we must bring awareness back to the womb. Through tracking cycles, abdominal massage, healing practices like castor oil packing and yoni steaming.

Honouring our menstruation, relaxing the belly, feeling into our wombs and releasing any blocked energy.

It is essential we share this wisdom with our young girls, the sacredness and power of our wombs and how they work. The knowledge that when filled with love, their womb beats with pleasure.

It’s our responsibility as women to share our wisdom and break the cycle of shame and pain around our menstruation and embrace the sacredness and pleasure that is our birthright. Pass down from woman to woman, woman to girl, mother to daughter, womb to womb.


Often in my energy alignment and womb massage sessions, I pass on Rite of the Womb to my clients. The Rite of the Womb – or the 13th Munay-Ki initiation – is part of nine rites of passage by the Q’ero shamans of Peru. It was bestowed by the Spirit of the Amazon jungle to a lady shaman to share it.

The rite of the Womb is a very simple yet powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative centre. This gift belongs to all women in the world. Together we are the lineage that remembers we did not come to suffer in this life, but to be a creatrix of our deepest longings and destinies.

The womb is a place where many women store fear, tension, sadness and trauma from this and past lives. The ritual brings the woman and the womb back to their origin of love and creation, to help release pain and loss that is stored in it.

The collective feminine energy has been denied, suppressed and misused for centuries. As a woman, you consciously or unconsciously bear the pain and sorrow of your mother and grandmother (s) or past lives.

The feminine spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and vital truth:

“The womb is not a place to hold fear and pain; The womb is a place of creation and birth of life. ”

After the healing, you will experience more connection with yourself, your body and your inner voice. Reactivate your feminine power. When you are in your own power, you are more in touch with the wisdom of Mother Earth, the feminine energy, with the cosmic Primordial Womb. It is time to remember who you really are.

If your uterus is removed, it is even more important that you receive this rite. You still hold the energetic imprint of your womb and it is vital that you reconnect with it.

This rite is a blessing for pregnant mothers and the baby since it will inform both beings. It is also great for men who want to connect with their feminine energy. Some men need to heal their psychic womb as they lay have had very traumatic experiences in their mother’s wombs or had a very dysfunctional relationship with the feminine aspect of life.

If you want to journey deeper into your womb, I can work with you in various ways including energy healing, Mayan womb massage, rite of the womb, sound therapy, nutrition, herbs, yoni steams, castor oil packing and jade egg practice.