Have you ever climbed a mountain, looked down and got freaked out by how far you have come?

I did the other day, and I hadn’t even left my house. Months ago, my career took a massive leap. A belief that I had carried for years changed from …

“I want to be a life changing coach BUT I am a mum”


“I want to be a life changing coach AND I am a mum”

Notice the difference? The first is an excuse for not pursuing my life goal. The second is a statement – a ‘so what?’ Not a reason not to do something. Just stating the facts.

Let me back track a bit to give you some context.

Fifteen years ago, I first trained as a coach. I started working part time seeing clients alongside my day job as a therapist. I was desperate to go full on with it but there was never a right time (financial safety/being sensible/mortgage to pay/blablabla).

Last summer, I was in the perfect position. We had just moved back to the UK, I wasn’t working and had the time and support to set up a full time coaching business.


Yep, that’s when the BUT came in. “I have to play it small, safe, grey BECAUSE of my responsibilities to my daughter,” I told myself. Then I had a conversation with Tina at that time that literally 180’d this belief.

When I gave myself permission to pursue my dream career, everything became easy and the successes flowed. In the interview last week, I listed what the last 6 months has entailed:
  • The new amazing coaching clients who I’ve helped
  • The coaching collaborations and partnerships I have established
  • The large scale wellbeing projects in the pipeline
  • Being interviewed by BinkyFelstead about well-being for mums, which now has 170k views.

I felt giddy, scared, alive – seeing the distance travelled.

Looking back on the last 6 months, I had no idea this would be my route and at the age of 40, I feel my professional life is just heating up. Every day feels like a holiday and I have never worked harder in my life. With a clarity of focus I have never had before, I am now about to sweat the small, important stuff. Getting my finances in gear, learning about marketing, tax returns…

AND I have just started a course that trains Mums in Business, with the opportunity to connect with lots of other mums passionate to grow to their full potential. Let’s just say I am DEFINITELY taking myself and my coaching seriously now!

Never let being a mum hold you back from your dreams – let it be your inspiration! NOW THIS is the role model I want to be for my daughter.

But a question to you:

What are you holding onto tightly and believing that’s keeping you small and holding you back?

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P.S. The photo sums it up for me: Amused, amazing and looking to the heavens !