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Play is learning

There are four formally identified types of play: Exploritary Play (Hutt) is a precursor to problem solving skills; Practice Play(Piaget) highlights that constant repetition of actions help in mastering them; Sociodramatic Play (Garvey; Similanskey) is where social interactions have at their core the creation and sharing of rules in imaginatively created situations; Symbolic Play(Piaget; Vygotsky; Bruner et […]

How do you feel the first half of term went?

Do you have a little one who started school this September? How do you feel the first half of term went? Are you or your little one feeling overwhelmed with things at school? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then we very much hope that by reading on in this blog, you […]

Teens – Awareness of The Internal Critic

We want to help our teens recognise their unhelpful thinking styles and how these have influenced patterns of behaviour. Psychology Tools lists the following styles: 🔻All or Nothing Thinking – ‘if I’m not perfect, I’ve failed’ or ‘either I do it right or not at all’ 🔻 Mental Filter – only noticing failures but not […]

Between – Behaviour Rewards

Reward star charts are a good strategy for short term behaviours/ action/ work that you want to see your between change. They offer a reward when your between has consistently been doing the desired behaviours (and you can have mini rewards along the way to maintain interest). 💭 Discuss the WHY! Why is it important […]

Toddlers – Tidy Up Time

So you’ve tucked your little one into bed, you’re ready to FINALLY relax only to look around and realise there are still toys everywhere! 😱🤯 Sound familiar? Involving your children in the tidy-up process is not only beneficial for you but it is actually building resilience, patience and self-esteem – skills they’ll need for the […]

Teens – Consent

Consent is a term which every young person needs to understand, know and be comfortable using.👌 Teaching the topic of consent will be or is already in your teen’s new ‘Relationship, Sex and Health Education’ UK based curriculum at school, so following up or starting those conversations at home is super important! To continue viewing… […]

Between – Consent

Consent for ‘between’ is going to be evolving and adapting as they grow older. It will take on different roles from you being their confidante to them not wanting you to know their thoughts and innermost feelings ⚖️ Teaching consent at the between age is key to developing strong, open and honest relationships. Here are […]

5 Important Questions to Ask at an Interview

Hands up if you’ve ever had an interview that seems to be going well – you’ve confidently answered all the questions, and then you experience brain freeze when asked, ‘Do you have any questions for me?’  Having a list of questions to ask an interviewer makes you look interested, enthusiastic, and engaged – all qualities […]

Sustainable Wellness for Long-Term Psychological Wellbeing

Would you like to plant the seeds so your children have the skills and resilience to support their psychological wellbeing for life? Parents and early care-givers are uniquely placed to provide healthy messages for emotional wellness for our children for the rest of their lives. This is an enormously empowering and exciting stage of life, […]

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play has many benefits to aid the development of your child. Be prepared to get messy (an apron and a wipe-able mat on the floor is always a good idea!). I also swear by the Tuff Trays, or some sort of area with a lip just to try and contain the mess a little […]

What is Phonics?

Phonics is an established coding system, used for the English language when learning to read. Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different letter sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. ​Written language can be compared to a code, […]

Get your wardrobe to work for you!

We’ve never asked so much of our work wardrobe – gone are the suits but what do you replace them with to maintain a level of professionalism? (we want to be taken seriously 🤓). Additionally, we want to wear our own personality and increasingly be able to transition between family and work roles – never […]

Inbox Detox

Is your inbox out of control? If the answer is yes, then this package is perfect for you. The following services are provided with the Inbox Detox: 1:1 call to discuss requirements, 2 hours dedicated to tidying up your inbox, Debrief call, Annie will create a bespoke plan to ensure you remain in control of […]

Schedule SOS!

Is your personal or work schedule in desperate need of a makeover? Look no further! The following services are included in the Schedule SOS package: 1:1 consultation, 2 hours dedicated to revamping your schedule, debrief call, Annie will create a bespoke plan to ensure your schedule remains organised. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access […]

Social Media Refresh

Do your professional social media accounts look tired and lack engagement? You’ve come to the right place! The following services are included in the Social Media Refresh: 1:1 consultation, 2 hours dedicated to boosting your profiles, debrief call, Annie will create a bespoke plan to help increase engagement. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access […]

Why Reading is Important for Your Children

Reading is such an important activity for children. Children are naturally inquisitive and growing up reading and listening to and stories remains a big part of their education and childhood. The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Road Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are just a few books which stand out to me personally […]